Composite Floor System

  • The lightest composite floor available on market

  • Fully tested according to ECE requirements for M1 and N1 vehicles

  • Thermal insulation by foam core

  • High level of vibration and sound resistance

  • Provided with already glued PVC

  • Any number and possition of aluminium track possible

  • Compatible for all vehicles types

  • Ready to installation in vehicle with no extra job

Lightweight composite floor system with aluminium tracks for installation seats and cargo in vehicle. Mobiframe is producer of the lifghtest composite floor system available on market. Product is cut to vehicle’s shape with foam core and already glued high quality PVC. We do composite floors projects for vehicle’s conversion type: campers, busses, ambulances, special vehicles for police and army.

Provided product is ready for installation in vehicle with no extra production process in your workshop. Number and possition of aluminium tracks depends on customers needs same as colour of glued high quality PVC. Please provide us more details about your request and Mobiframe’s technical department will design floor’s project siuted to your needs.