Would you like to make a tailor-made campervan conversion? Do you run a campervan construction company? Or maybe your business is converting vans into motorhomes? No matter if you are a campervan manufacturer or an individual – Mobiframe will help you design your dream camper equipment. Below we present a few solutions that will make it easier for you to plan and implement a campervan conversion.

  1. The floor is the basis for campervan conversion
  2. Composite flooring system – what does it actually mean?
  3. The use of a swivel will increase the functionality of the van
  4. An indispensable element of the camper equipment is a comfortable bed-bench
  5. Is it worth to install an additional second row seats for your motorhome?
  6. Bet on functionality and aesthetics of the equipment
  7. Safeness first of all – trust the manufacturer of certified equipment

The floor is the basis for building a motorhome

One of the key elements of a motorhome or campervan equipment is flooring system. Additionaly it is also the basis for the further campervan conversion. This is a necessary element, covering an area even of several square meters. Moreover the entire equipment structure is based on it. Flooring system for your individual needs and dimensions of your vehicle can be designed by Mobiframe. It is worth paying attention to the qualities of ready, lightweight composite floors. That will be cut to the shape of a specific vehicle. Entrusting a specialized company with the production of the floor will save unnecessary additional work. It will also save you from additional costs.

Composite flooring system – what does it actually mean?

The floor, even the best made floor, is only the basis for the further campervan conversion. An indispensable element of the composite floor are aluminum tracks. That enable quick assembly and disassembly of bed-benches and seats. Obviously it’s especially important if you want to mount both driver seat swivel and passenger seat swivel. The sliding system of benches is also based on technology compatible with tracks.

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The use of a swivel will increase the functionality of the van

Thanks to use of a seat swivel or a bench swivel, you will significantly increase the functionality of the campervan. Why is it worth you to equip your vehicle with swivels? Thanks to this, you can easily make dining room or an office inside the vehicle. The swivels that you can find in the Mobiframe offer fit most popular vans available on the market. In addition convenient sliding mechanism allows for free rotation of the seat or bench in the vehicle cabin. Motorhome swivel should also be made of durable but light materials. Remember that taking into account the weight limit of the vehicle for a category B driving license.

An indispensable element of campervan equipment is also comfortable bed-bench

If you think about campervan conversion and equipment of your dreams, regardless of if you make a tailor-made solution or plan a series production, you will need a comfortable and functional camper bed-bench. With the entire range of currently available functionalities, let’s remember about the basic functionality of bed-bench. First of all, it is equipment for sleeping and sitting. In fact the comfort of using the item is of paramount importance. Mobiframe bed-benches are characterized not only by a simple and intuitive way of unfolding and folding. These are also characterized by the most convenient sliding system on aluminum rails that is available on the market.

Is it worth to install additional second row seats for your campervan?

Second row seats are a very popular topic among campervan converters. Remember that all additional equipment should have the necessary documentation, because it is specified in the approval regulations. However, you do not have to expose yourself to additional costs related to approval tests – Mobiframe solutions are tested in accordance with the ECE regulations for M1 and N1 categories. The anchorage structure is extremely easy to assemble, although remember that its installation can only be carried out by a specialized company.

Bet on the aesthetics and functionality of the equipment

Mobiframe offers equipment that will not only be made aesthetically and according to your needs. Technological solutions of the Mobiframe are also characterized by unprecedented functionality, such as:

  • Camper bed-bench sliding system, which is the most convenient solution of this type on the market.
  • Composite flooring systems, which are the lightest solutions of this type available on the market.
  • Campervan seats, which are easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Products are compatible with the most popular vehicles available on the market.
  • Sliding mechanism of the swivels allows comfortable and easy rotation of the seats.

Safeness first of all – trust the manufacturer of certified equipment

Remember that changing the purpose of the vehicle (conversion of the vehicle to a camper) requires compliance with restrictive regulations. These rules are determined by national and European regulations. Trust a specialized manufacturer who has all the necessary approval certificates. Mobiframe offers equipment for most popular vehicles available on the market.

In sum Mobiframe will help you to equip your dream motorhome, regardless of whether you are looking for ready-made equipment for caampervan conversion or you are interested in personalized solutions tailor-made for your needs. Find out more about our offer or contact us: sales@mobiframe.eu