Comfortable sleeping on the road. Campervan bed bench

What should you expect from campervan bed bench? Certainly pay attention to the comfort as well as the simplicity and intuitiveness of use. Mobiframe offers cozy bed benches dedicated to camper conversions. A simple and intuitive way of unfolding and best sliding system available on the market stand out Mobiframe’s solutions. Read more

Campervan conversion – ideas and inspirations

Would you like to make tailor-made campervan conversion? Regardless of whether you are a campervan manufacturer or an individual recipient – Mobiframe will help you prepare your dream equipment. Below are some solutions that will help you plan and implement campervan development.. Read more

Everything you need to know about a good campervan bed-bench

If you consider camper furnishing and dream equipment according to your or your client’s expectations, sooner or later you will have to choose the perfect camper bed-bench. Regardless of whether you think about tailor-made solution or plan serial production, you will need a comfortable and functional camper bench. Remember that this is a key element of campervan equipment because we spend a lot of time on the bed-bench, both during the day and – and perhaps most importantly – at night.  Read more

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Camper products for your comfort and safness

If you are looking for an inspiration or answers to the following questions …

  • How to make a camper bench as easy to unfold?
  • Can a campervan bed be as comfortable as a home bed?
  • What to pay attention to when choosing a camper swivel seat?
  • How to quickly and conveniently assemble and disassemble campervan seats?
  • What camper equipment should you choose to be durable, easy to use and tested in accordance with applicable standards?

… then you are in the right place.

Soon you could visit our blog – here we will publish inspiring materials that will allow you to discover safe, comfortable and the most interesting technological solutions for campers. First of all, we will share our knowledge and experience here. In Mobiframe, we follow the principle according to which we design and create products for your comfort and safeness.

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