If you consider campervan furnishing and dream equipment according to your or your client’s expectations, sooner or later you will have to choose the perfect camper bed-bench. Regardless of whether you think about tailor-made solution or plan serial production, you will need a comfortable and functional camper bench. Remember that this is a key element of campervan equipment because we spend a lot of time on the bed-bench, both during the day and – and perhaps most importantly – at night.


Depending on the type of vehicle, bed-bench may have a different functions. In large integrated, semi-integrated or van vehicles, a bench will be a place for daytime rest, assuming that the motorhome is additionally equipped with an aluminum bed. In the case of smaller vehicles (eg Volkswagen T6, Mercedes Vito or Renault Traffic), the folding camper bench bed is basically the only sensible option to sleep in the vehicle.

In this case, you have to ask yourself: what should be your perfect campervan bed-bench?

First of all, a camper bench bed should be comfortable and easy to use

It seems a truism, but with the whole range of modern functionalities, let’s remember about what a bench should primarily be used for – so for sleeping and sitting. And here the comfort of using the item is of paramount importance. A good campervan bench, no matter if it is for two or three people, should be a comfortable and safe seat while driving, and should serve as a bed when resting. Just like a home mattress, a bench should meet several requirements to maintain proper sleep hygiene. The campervan bed should therefore be of an appropriate size (when unfolded, the length of the sofa should be adapted to anthropometry and should be approx. 1.9 meter). The width is also important – in the case of a double bed-bench it should be 1.1 – 1.2 meter, while a three-person bed should be even 1.5 meter wide. Of course, when choosing the equipment, you should also take into account the width of the vehicle itself.

The comfort of campervan bed-bench is not the only parameter that we should pay attention to when choosing the perfect camper bed. Another aspect that should be taken into account is the convenience of unfolding and moving the device. Imagine that you are after all day of driving and the last thing you want to fight now is the complicated folding system of the couch. Here, the Mobiframe campervan benches definitely stand out, which are equipped with the most convenient sliding system available on the market. You just lift the handle and move the bed-bench to any position on the aluminum rail. With just three moves, you unfold the entire bench and place it in the chosen position. Quick, easy and effortless. And you can spend the time saved for additional minutes of sleep ;)

Everyone likes to be in an aesthetic and orderly space. This is especially important in the case of limited space in a motorhome or campervan. Therefore, a campervan bed-bench should also be made aesthetically, and its design should please the eye. It is also worth paying attention to the materials from which the item is made of.

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A good campervan bench bed should be easy to assemble and functional

Unfolding the bench is an activity that we will do every day, so it should be as simple as possible. However, we should also remember about the assembly of the item, the simplicity of which is especially important for companies that make campervan conversions. Mobiframe benches are installed in the vehicle using the lightest composite floor available on the market, cut to the shape of the vehicle, with glued high-quality carpeting and a foam core with thermal and acoustic insulation properties. The entire system is very easy to install, so you will have more time to adapt the design to the client’s expectations.

A good campervan bed bench is also one that does not waste space in the vehicle. Everyone who has traveled in a motorhome knows know exactly that regardless of the size of the vehicle, there is always not enough space. An interesting and functional solution, due to which you will gain additional centimeters for storing items, is a drawer in the space between the legs of the bench bases.

Bed-bench SAF 11/12 with a built-in drawer between the legs of the bases

Camper equipment must meet safety standards

This is an obvious statement, but at the same time extremely important. This is the decisive factor, thanks to which we will meet a reliable and responsible camper equipment manufacturer.

It is not easy to find yourself in all legal regulations related to the approval of vehicles and their individual elements. In this case, it is best to simply ask the manufacturer whether products meet the standards of the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE). These standards define i.a. requirements for:

  • the seat belt anchorages and the ISOFIX anchorages system intended for child seat holding systems,
  • TOP TETHER system, that is a section of the belt which is the third fastening point for ISOFIX,
  • height, width, method of fixing and strength of the headrests.

When choosing any equipment for building a motorhome, it is worth asking the manufacturer for certificates confirming compliance with ECE safety standards.

overwiev from campervan

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In conclusion, if you are looking for a good campervan bed-bench, check if it meets all the necessary conditions. Remember that it should:

  • be comfortable, functional, easy to use and aesthetic,
  • have size adapted to the vehicle and be easy to install,
  • have additional drawers, compartments, etc., so that it will not cause losses in space of the vehicle,
  • meet specific safety standards.

Are you wondering what kind of bed-bench to choose? In Mobiframe, we offer two- and three-seater versions, having all the above-mentioned features and meeting European standards. Do you need to adapt the product to your individual needs? Contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions: sales@mobiframe.eu

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