What should you expect from campervan bed bench? Certainly pay attention to the comfort as well as the simplicity and intuitiveness of use. Mobiframe offers cozy bed benches dedicated to camper conversions. A simple and intuitive way of unfolding and best sliding system available on the market stand out Mobiframe’s solutions.

Mobiframe offers two- and three-seats bed benches. All models are designed with the utmost care for user’s comfort and in accordance to M1 and N1 regulations. That means among others that bed benches are equipped with three-point safety belts and adjustable headrests. There were also built-in ISOFIX and TOP TETHER systems. The second one is the top lane fastening, additional security for child seats.

It’s worth noticing that all bed bench systems was designed with the intention of adapting them to all popular campervan models. In addition benches can be installed with a lightweight composite floor sytem or special mounting plate.

Thus bed benches solutions are universal enough to fit such vehicles as: Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, Citroen Jumper, Mercedes Sprinter and other popular motorhomes. For instance it’s also compatible with smaller vans, like: Volkswagen T5 and T6, Mercedes Vito or Renault Traffic. If you are wondering whether the bed bench will fit your vehicle, check it here.

Among Mobiframe’s bed benches you will find three product systems:

  • Simple but adjustable SAF 10
  • Available in two versions SAF 11/12
  • Most advanced SAF 30

SAF 10 gives you a wide range of adjustments

SAF 10 model is a three-seats bed bench. It’s produced in three variants – with a width of 120, 129 and 150 cm. After unfolding, it gives a sleeping area of 122 cm long and fits perfectly with an additional element extending the bed. While driving the extension is attached to the rear panel. Therefore it guarantees comfort and safety during driving. SAF 10 Bed bench is installed in the vehicle with composite floor or special mounting plate. Moreover it can be optionally equipped with the roomy drawer in the space between frame legs. Thanks to this solution we don’t loose such valuable space in a campervan.

SAF 11 / 12 is  more advanced version of campervan bed bench

SAF 11 / SAF 12 Bed bench is equipped with a more advanced, and at the same time extremely simple folding mechanism. Similarly to SAF 10 it’s equipped in the profiled foams of the seats and backrests. The third element – extending the bed – ensure maximum comfort of use. Two-seats (SAF 11) and three-seats (SAF 12) versions are available. In addition this model can also be equipped with an additional, spacious drawer. What’s important SAF 11 / 12 is also available in slim version with much thinner seat.

SAF 30 is the most advanced bed bench

The longest, most advanced and most comfortable bed bench is SAF 30. This model is an extension of the concept used in SAF 11/ 12. However instead of 3, we have 4 components. As a result, the length of the camper bed is 204.5 cm (over 2 meters long bed in a campervan!). SAF 30  Bed bench system variants are two-seats options 112 and 120 cm wide and three-seats of 126 and 150 cm wide. All models are certified for driving, including three-point seat belts, adjustable headrests, ISOFIX and TOP TETHER systems. They are also equipped with the best sliding system available on the market. Similarly like SAF 10 and SAF 11/12.

In conclusion, thanks to the versatility and ease of installation and use, Mobiframe]s products simplify campervan conversion. Additionaly provide aesthetic and comfortable equipment. It only takes a few simple movements to transform seats into an unique bedroom inside the vehicle.